Still summer

After a fabulous weekend the sun is still shining here. Saturday I spent by the fjord and today I' m scratching my gnat bites. I try not to, but it's not that easy, I'm afraid. I photo above is from House Doktor. They have really catch the laid back atmosphere. Strawberry and white wine, anyone?


Manhatten penthouse - outdoor space

The designer Diana Burn wanted a romantic 18th-century atmosphere outside her apartment. Though the apartment is small it has a wraparound terrace that doubles it's size. As you can see the penthouse includes a garden.

(photo: Architecural Digest)



The photographer Paul Massey 's latest house project. Quit a relaxing atmosphere. In white colour of course. I love white - I can have this colour in every room in my appartment I'm afraid.

What an inspiration to serve Saturday brunch in this kitchen diner. A lot of guests and a lot of food.
Bread, salad, smoked ham and of course fruit and cheese. Did I mention wine . . . .

(Photos from www)


Dinner for two

Yesterday evening I was invited by my friend to a restaurant by the river. We were given a table by the window. It was so nice. I had turbot with parsnip and asparagus. And a sauce based on soya. And white wine. Yummi, yummi! This weekend I'm going to the mouth of the fjord. I hope you all will enjoy your weekend! 


More white rooms

Today I found my pictures again. Lucky me! It's still raining - and I have decided two paint the hallway in white colour. I need a lot of light at the moment. Posting some pictures I found in Livingetc.



Where have all the pictures gone. Sometimes I got a bit grumpy having worked so hard.
Well, getting out - taking pictures of my garden in the dark. I really think a deserve a glass of wine.

Where are you summer?

Jeg er litt multitasking i øyeblikket - å lytte til Pergolesi, drikke te og planlegger å pusse opp i gangen mens min lille katten har tuller seg inn i et ullteppe. Jeg er ikke den onlyone lengsel etter sommeren nå.